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Enterprise integration by MuleSoft

MuleSoft is a Salesforce company that has developed a platform for enterprise integration. It is used to connect two or more different systems.

One company, hundreds of applications

Companies have been buying various software solutions for years now. Some of those solutions are old, some are monolithic, some have APIs based on SOAP protocol and some are RESTfull. One solution stores some data, while other has some other data. One uses its own objects with certain properties, while other has its own objects and properties. Simply a mess! And on top of everything, the companies have needs to combine those data, to transfer it from one system to another etc. and those needs are increasing constantly.

In order to be able to integrate one or more systems, various technologies can be used. It can be done by good-old coding, but then every bit of integration has to be done manually. It has its advantages, but speed is not one of them, for sure. That is why it makes much more sense, to use an integration platform (if one can afford it) such as Tibco or MuleSoft, to mention only a few. Those two are leading platforms and especially MuleSoft has a bright future, since it has Salesforce to push and support it on the market.

Friends of MuleSoft

Since I have started to do integrations, I have had a lot of questions about it, even from my older colleagues. Integration, as something generally less demanding than some more complex fields of IT, is less known among IT experts than almost all other areas of the computing technologies. Companies who are providing integration services have a lot of problems finding new integrators. Junior level experts usually have a lot of problems learning and adopting this technology while senior developers usually find it banal or boring, so they avoid it.

So how to solve a problem of integration, especially since integration can often be only a smaller part of a larger project? Well, my solution for that problem has proven to work just fine. With a group of experts, I have created an online place, where various experts gather in order to quickly gain knowledge about MuleSoft, to solve a current problem that they might have, to get help with MuleSoft certifying, or to take a MuleSoft project with a group of other experts as freelancers.

This kind of cooperation leads to fast sharing of knowledge among those who just need a little bit information about MuleSoft, to get the whole picture. One good example of what Friends of MuleSoft (or FoMS, as we call it) can do is to use some easier, better documented or more known programming language to teach a member of FoMS the logic of DataWeave scripting language, which is a necessary part of the Mule app development and data transformation techniques.

Friends of MuleSoft is a web platform that consists of a news section, user profiles, communicator, forum and web directory, where all MuleSoft partner companies worth of mentioning have been listed. On my TO DO list for FoMS is to create a responsive UI, but unfortunately it is not the first thing on my list, so I hope I will find some time for the new UI already this year.

You can visit or even become a member of Friends of MuleSoft right here.

Contact me for education, MuleSoft projects and more

I am a MuleSoft certified developer and you can become one by taking your chances through self-education, by reading tons of resources on, by becoming a member of Friends of MuleSoft and seeking help with your education or you can simply contact me and I can lead you to your certificate.

If you need a senior MuleSoft software engineer with experience in various projects, please contact me to discover ways of our mutual cooperation.