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Excessive automotive knowledge

Cars have always been my big love, but not in a way how a greasemonkey likes it. I am into design, concepts, performance, comfort, the variety of that astonishing industry and even today I spend time relaxing while acquiring information from the world of cars. Because of that, I possess excessive knowledge from the automotive industry.


During my career I had an opportunity to become a part-time journalist in an online media, that was all about cars. We tested cars, washed them before we took photographs, we looked at every detail and we had a lot of fun while doing it. It started as a hobby, turned into a part-time job and ended as one of the most beautiful parts of my career - seven years as the editor-in-chief of the automotive media with social networking.

Car industry contacts

During that period, I met many important people from the car industry, I organized many interviews with them and I even met some that later became worldwide popular by fleeing from the hand of the law, packed in a suitcase.

Anything with wheels

My interest in the automotive industry does not end with cars. I am also closely reading about trucks, buses and lately campers as well. The last one is particularly taking my interest lately, since I find the world of campers as something fascinating and I am even thinking to design and create my own.

Automotive, design & IT

Are you also in the automotive business? Would you like a specialist who knows which family of cars is famous by its hydropneumatic suspension or who knows for example how much cubic centimeter has the BMW 525 from the eighties? If you do, you have just found me, so please contact me!